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Noni Juice Distributor

Noni Juice Distributor Required

Increasing Noni Juice distributor numbers is an integral part of our business marketing plan. By far the best method of spreading the word about the health benefits of Noni Juice is “word of mouth” marketing and distribution by enthusiastic consumers. For this reason, the ability for you to become a Noni distributor is built into our sales and marketing programme.


We believe that when you discover for yourself the amazing health benefits derived from your daily shot of pure Noni Juice, you will naturally want to share these benefits with others, especially your friends and family. Pacific Trading Co. Ltd likes to reward loyal customers, and we recently added a “Noni Juice distributor discount” structure so you can benefit financially from spreading the word.

Not Network Marketing:

Rather than the network marketing or auto-ship plan that a potential Tahitian Noni distributor would be required to sign up to, our Noni Juice Distributor programme is simple and completely optional – in fact, nothing could be made easier for you to get your own juice at a heavily discounted price.

My stint as a Noni Juice Distributor:

I actually discovered this remarkable product through my initial involvement in the Noni industry as a Tahitian Noni juice distributor! Like most who try network marketing, I tried very hard but failed miserably! However, I did become totally convinced that what they were selling was a genuine and beneficial product, although the marketing method did not suit me. Eventually, back in 2002, my wife and I went looking for our own source of Noni Juice, and the end result was an official agreement between ourselves and the Cook Island producers for us to market their product.


Four and a half years later, we have sold an awful lot of Cook Island Noni Juice worldwide, and now have Noni friends in many countries. We like to offer business opportunities to our customers, and should anyone wish to become a Noni juice distributor, we are happy to provide wholesale purchasing facilities.

How to Become a Noni juice distributor:

For those wanting a wholesale discount, simply send us an email outlining your needs, and we will come back with an offer you cannot refuse.

As a Pacific Trading Co. Ltd Noni Juice Distributor, you will not have to be a part of a network marketing scheme, and you won’t have to sign up for any kind of auto-ship programme. The only requirement is a modest “minimum order” each time you replenish your stocks.