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To get the Benefits of Noni juice, how much do I need to drink, and how often?

This, and other organic Noni juice questions are answered here!

How do you drink your Noni juice?

Drink your bio-organic Noni juice from a favourite glass. A shot glass is ideal, It’s your special drink not a medicine.

When and how often do I drink it?

Everyday! Preferably first thing in the morning (30 minutes before food) as the absorption and effectives is much enhanced
Having said that anytime can be 100% pure Cook Islands Noni juice time.

How much Noni do you need?

For most of us 30-60mls a day is enough if we do not have a specific health issue.
Double or triple these amounts may be required for a period of time to build up the nutrients and strengthen your body’s immune system.
After a period of time on bio-organic Noni juice, you will come to know when you need more or less.
Please enquire at if you want more help or advice.

I have difficulty with the taste?

Believe me, you will come to accept the taste of Noni juice when it starts working for you, and many even grow to like the flavour. Foods that are “especially” good for us often have a bitter or pungent taste.
There will be many of you who can relate to that teaspoon of Cod liver oil we had to swallow as a child. Noni juice is nowhere near that bad!
In fact, had your mother known about Noni Juice, she would have given it to you instead of Cod liver oil.

How much Noni juice do we drink?

We have been drinking Noni juice now for years, not a day missed!
It is our friend and the first thing we reach for every morning (30-60mls).
At times of extra stress or demand on our bodies we have another shot (30mls) in the evening as well.
So far it has not let us down and we expect it never will.

Suggested regime for starters on the Noni Juice:

You need to commit to drinking 100% pure certified organic Noni juice for 90 days at the onset (4 Bottles) Otherwise do not start. Every 90-100 days our blood cells are renewed, so you need to cover this cycle.
When taking natural supplements our bodies need time in their cyclic processes for the nutrients to be taken on board and be most effective. Natural healing is always over time, just as a disease slowly overcomes our immune system with time.Our daily shot of Noni juice ready to go.JPG

Month 1 and 2

Week 1 - 30mls (daily)
Week 2 to 8, 60mls (daily)

Month 3

Week 9 to 12, 30 - 60mls (daily)

For the rest of your life!

30mls (daily)

It is best to drink your organic Noni juice in the morning 20-30minutes before food to get the maximum absorption.
  • Noni juice is an adaptogen! This means it will prioritize to assist those systems in our bodies that are most needing first!
  • Any health problems we have were quite some time in the making. We do not develop diseases overnight!! Nor are we cured overnight with natural remedies!
  • As Noni juice is rich in antioxidants you will likely experience the effects of your body detoxing initially.

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