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More Burn stories

More Noni Juice healing stories eyedropperAndBottle.gif

from our own experiences:

Some little known uses for Noni juice:

       As a topical application:

This means applying the raw Noni Juice directly to your skin.

All damaged skin heals faster and often with little or no scaring when Noni juice is  applied topically, and further applications make sure the area is wet with the juice all during the healing process.

After applying either a bandage or plaster to a wound or burn, we keep the wadding wet with hourly re-applications of Noni juice via an eye dropper. Eye droppers are cheap and readily available from any chemist or drug store.

The reason to keep the padding wet, is because of another unique property of Noni Juice. The juice is actually absorbed into the skin. After an hour or so, the padding will no longer be brown, it will be back to it's natural colour. The brown juice has been absorbed into the skin, so we need to top up the padding once again. Some kind of osmosis happens.

The results are often amazing, especially with burns. The pain disappears, and, after healing this way, there is little or no scar.

We have also used Noni juice to obtain relief from bee and wasp stings as well. Something in the Noni juice seems to neutralize the venom, and the stinging pain goes away quite quickly.

Some of our female customers have also used Noni juice to remove small skin blemishes. Over time the blemish gradually goes away. The only drawback is the Noni smell, so it’s usually an after hours application.

After using Noni juice in this way, and experiencing just one of “benefits of Noni juice ” you start to like the unusual smell of the juice


Our own Noni  topical application experiences:

Once I walked 15 km on the beach on a very hot day, and by the end of the walk, my feet were on fire. Normally they would have been blistered for a week or more. Upon arriving home, I poured ½ an inch of Noni juice into a flat basin, and soaked my feet all that evening, while watching TV.

The next day, my feet were like new. There was no sign of blisters, and absolutely no discomfort whatsoever. Noni juice is really amazing stuff.


Whilst visiting our Noni factory in the Cook islands, I gave myself the Rarotonga Tattoo. That is a burn from the exhaust of a motor scooter, the most common form of Cook Island transportation. This burn was quite serious and very painful at first.

Because I was in the Noni factory for a week, I tied a rag around the burn area each day, and kept it soaked in raw Noni juice from the presses.

Not only was it healed before I went home, but there was no blistering, and no scar whatsoever. Today, I can not even tell which leg it was on. Another fantastic story of the powerful benefits of Noni Juice

We have often joked about making a Noni pack for under the seat of every motor scooter in Thailand, and save those graceful ladies from their disfiguring exhaust burn scars.

Always keep these true stories in mind when you have your next accident. You will benefit from the topical use of Noni Juice, just as we often have