To get the benefits of Noni juice, how much and how often do I need to drink?

We recommend that you drink your Noni juice from a favorite glass, like a shot glass for example. After all, it is a special drink and not a medicine. You need a daily dose of this juice, preferably in the morning – 30 minutes before eating your breakfast for more efficiency and absorption.

Given that you do not have any specific health issue, 30-60ml should be enough. If you want to build up the nutrients and strengthen your body’s immune system, then doubling or tripling these dosages may be required for a period of time. After drinking our organic Noni juice for some time, you will come to know when you will need more or less.

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I Have Difficulty with the Taste

Forget the taste, think of the benefits!

You will come to accept the smell and taste of Noni juice when you start reaping its health benefits. Foods that are especially good for us usually taste bitter or have pungent smell. Besides, if you can relate to enduring that teaspoon of Cod liver oil as a kid then drinking the Noni juice will be a real treat!

How Long Should We Drink Noni Juice?

For the rest of your life!

We have been drinking Noni juice for years now and we never missed a day too! It is the first thing that we reach for in the morning and if we feel that our bodies need more dose on certain days, then we take another shot in the evening. So far, it hasn’t failed us and we expect that it never it will.

Suggested Regime for Starters on the Noni Juice

You need to commit to drinking 100% pure certified Noni juice for 90 days at the onset (4 bottles) or do not start at all! Every 90-100 days, your blood cells are renewed which is why you need to complete this cycle.

When you take natural supplements, your body needs time for its cyclic processes to absorb the nutrients and be most effective. Noni juice will strengthen your immune system to prevent diseases from taking over your body.

  • Month 1 and 2 – week 1 take 30mls daily; week 2-8 take 60mls daily
  • Month 3 – take 30-60mls daily
  • Month 4 and onwards – take 30mls daily